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The New Mrs. Brooks: A Margaret Brooks Novel

by A.J. Davis
No one ever thinks after building a good life with someone they love that they will have to start over, but that is exactly where Margaret Brooks finds herself. The death of her husband of thirty-plus years leaves her grief-stricken and uncertain about the future. Her children recognize her struggle and step in to take care of her. However, it’s not so much taking care of as taking over!


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The New Mrs. Brooks: A Margaret Brooks Novel

The New Mrs. Brooks: A Margaret Brooks Novel by A.J. Davis is a story with an unusual premise: Margie is not only grieving over her lost husband, but she also needs to escape from her overprotective children, from California to somewhere, anywhere, else. It’s not that she doesn’t love them, but she needs to make her own decisions about the rest of her life, something she feels competent to do. So, she packs up her trailer in secret and starts driving north. She has only one problem: she gets lost in a rainstorm and needs help to find her motel again. Luckily, help is offered by a nice real estate lady, but the help has an unusual price tag attached and that leads to unexpected complications. However, Margie is determined and faces her challenges with some hidden reserves she didn’t know she had.

I really enjoyed this delightful novel that has turned the usual heartbreak story into an adventure in a small-town setting with hilarious characters, painting an optimistic picture of life. Margie’s personality is intricately drawn. I felt that I had known her all my life. The small-town characters she is surrounded with all came alive with unique personalities and voices. Some of the sub-stories felt a little bizarre but only added to the humor of the novel. The writing style is simple and accessible to all ages. The plot describes a slice of life unfamiliar to big-city dwellers with its casual, neighborly relationships with total strangers. For anyone looking for relief from today’s selection of doom-and-gloom literature, I can highly recommend A.J. Davis's The New Mrs. Brooks.

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